Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sketch Wednesday: Hammerstein (Ro-Busters)

ABC Warrior Hammerstein, as he appeared in Starlord's Ro-Busters series. On decommissioned civie days, Hammerstein rocks a beep-bop sci-fi robot head. Mustard it is too.


Mark said...

Ah, taking me right back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris. Just to let you know that I based a little picture off this lovely little sketched ABC warrior. I was looking for an image as I'm not overly familiar Hammersteins Ro-Busters incarnation as this seemed perfect. It's not for sale and won't make any money, it's just for fun so I hope you don't mind me using it. Thought I'd best let you know as it's polite and as an artist it's absolutely the right thing to do. Can be seen here. Cheers Neil

Chris Ready said...

Hi Neil

I like the concept and think you've done a great job colouring my sketch, got a real 90s Megazine vibe to it.,42409.msg886216.html#msg886216

As long as you credit my contribution I'm fine with you using it, but in future I'd ask that you contact me first and ask permission before proceeding, that way I get to be flattered rather than slightly shocked!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris and will do.